Kerstin Schulze und Juma Jigwa mit Straßenkindern an den Wasserfällen von Materuni

Welcome to our Websites. Get to know our project for streetchildren and orphans in Moshi Tanzania Africa.

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You wonder how?

„Actually, Kerstin Schulze only wanted to fulfill a long-cherished dream with her trip to Africa. But her trip led to the founding of her own NGO…“

Märkische Oderzeitung (Beeskow), 16. Feb. 2022 – Ruth Buder

The NGO in Tanzania introduces itself:

Upendo Mama Africa

Discover our center in Moshi Tanzania and let yourself be carried away by the commitment of the local people who take care of streetchilren and orphans and give them a future. With a lot of love and empathy they can grow up here…

Lachende Kinder mit Ihrem Betreuer

Our association introduces itself:

Upendo Mama Afrika Center e.V.

„One of the most important things you can do on this earth is to let orphans know they are not alone…“

We want to give the children exactly this feeling!

I want to leave something.

Kerstin Schulze

With the thought of gratitude, because of the hospitality that all the people in a foreign country showed me, I wanted to give something back.

This is how the project to build a center for street and orphan children in Moshi was born.

Kerstin Schulze auf dem Kilimandscharo
On the way to the summit of Kilimanjaro