Kerstin Schulze nach getaner Arbeit und schmutzigem Gesicht

Kerstin Schulze

Initiator and first chairwoman of the non-profit association: „Upendo Mama Afrika Center“ e.V. in Germany and supporter of the non-governmental organization (NGO) with almost the same name: „Upendo Mama Africa Center“ in Tanzania Africa.

In January 2020 I visited Tanzania for the first time to fulfill my dream of climbing Kilimanjaro.

I came to this country as a tourist and left with a deep sense of connection. At the Springlands Hotel I met Juma, a personable and committed man who worked there. In addition, he takes care of street children and orphans in various projects, which impressed me greatly.

However, some time had to pass before we got in touch again in March 2021 and another big dream of Africa developed. I felt a growing desire to support Juma in his work with and for children. It gave me the opportunity to get to know the country, culture and life in Tanzania better.

With the thought of gratitude for the hospitality that all the people in a foreign country showed me, I wanted to give something back. This is how the project came about to set up a center for street children and orphans in Moshi.