We introduce:

Upendo Mama Afrika Center e.V.

Our non-profit association to support street children and orphans in Moshi Tanzania Africa.

Our committed people in Germany …

Tanja Fey &
Ronny Schulze

Family can be so great…
My son and his partner have always encouraged me to start the project of a children’s center in my adopted country – Moshi Tanzania. They are now involved with me and offer their professional background as a nurse/occupational therapist and teacher.

Manuela Wiedemann

As early as 2020, after my trip to South Africa, I wanted to do something for the children there. This did not happen.

Thanks to Kerstin’s commitment, I can contribute to the association with ideas and financially. It’s the initiative and the photos that really touched me.


Ines Beuster

I am involved with Upendo Mama Afrika e.V. because I want to help children who have fallen out of the nest to be given warmth and security. I also think it shouldn’t be that access to education fails because of a pair of shoes or a pair of trousers. Children are our future and therefore the most important thing we have.

Susanne Taddey

For years, the continent of Africa has inspired me. My curiosity about the lives of the people, the different cultures, the diverse nature and the topic of the orphans and street children in Moshi were awakened by Kerstin’s initiative and the photo documentation that touched me strongly. I see my membership as a small contribution to making the world of children a little more beautiful.

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